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Why People buy Things

There are generally two reasons why customers buy things; they need or they want something. For example, consider employee time clock software, it’s something most employers need for tracking employees hours.  Then consider Apples’  iPhone, people are willing to wait in long lines and pay a premium

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Reviewing finances for a new business

An important question you should as starting your new business is finances.  This article is intended to help you determined how much money you and your business will need to survive until your business becomes profitable. How much do I need to survive? Having a personal expense

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I’m thinking about starting a business

Have you ever find yourself hanging out with a friend(s) and someone in the group begins pitching their new business idea.  If you’re like me, the gears start spinning, and I start visualizing what they are describing.  The person giving the pitch is “in the moment” and

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