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About OnTheClock

OnTheClock is a privately owned SAAS (software as a service) company.  As the name implies, OnTheClock offers time clock software which is trusted by 6000+ businesses nationwide.  Business owners and managers have full control over how and where employees use the system.  Employees can punch in/out using a variety of devices (smartphone apps, tablets or a computer web browser).  The software performs all the necessary time card calculations to allow quick delivery of employee hours to payroll.  This includes; overtime calculations, time off calculations and auto lunch break deductions.

History of OnTheClock

Paradigm founded OnTheClock IS Solutions in 2004.  The software was created to track client hours for their computer consulting business.  From the beginning, the software was looked and felt a product.  In 2005, the first version of OnTheClock was hosted online, this way any business that found the software could use it and contribute their ideas and suggestion.  As time passed, more people began using the software, and by 2009 the software became profitable.

Over the past 14 years of service, OnTheClock has one of the highest customer ratings that we have seen in the SAAS market, says Dean Mathews, Founder.  We consistently score 4.7 stars across the board. Imagine how good food tastes at a restaurant with 4.7 stars, that is how our customers feel about our service.

Administrative Features

When someone creates an account with OnTheClock, this person is considered the administrator of the account.  This gives them full control over account settings, employees, and other features.  Below are items offered by the fully featured web based time clock software.

  • Time clock settings.
  • Employee customization.
  • PTO (paid time off) & time card Approval.
  • Maintaining Lists (departments, jobs, projects, customers, tasks).
  • GPS Geo-Punch locations.
  • Punch Automation & Scheduling.
  • Payroll Connections.
  • Billing.

Employee Features

  • Native IOS/Android OnTheClock Apps.
  • Punch In/Out.
  • Request PTO and view balances.
  • View time cards.

The Bottom Line

OnTheClock is an excellent time clock solution with 4.7 stars, and it’s ratings have maintained the test of time.  Customers feel that the product is reasonably priced compared to other solutions on the market. Based on the customer reviews found on their website and Capterra, it appears that OnTheClock is doing something right.

We recommend trying the service and see if it’s a good fit for your business.